What is a qEEG

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What is a qEEG


qEEG stands for quantitative electroencephalograph. Brainwave activity is recorded non-invasively from a 19-Channel cap that the client wears for about 30 minutes. The resulting EEG data are computer processed to provide a statistical analysis of brain electrical activity. In turn, these data are presented in various visual forms such as “brain maps”, statistics and other images which can show the ways in which different areas of the brain are functioning.

The use of a normative database allows for a precise determination of whether brain functioning falls within a “normal” pattern for a persons age, sex and handedness, or whether there is some other type of functioning which might need clinical attention. Perhaps, the most important use of the qEEG is to provide a guide for Neurofeedback training which can help to correct abnormal brain functioning.

The 19-Channel qEEG is the gold standard evaluation for Neurofeedback.

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